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 I was only 5 Months old when this page was built

I was born on March 6 1997 @ 1:49 PM

My Little sister was born March 3 1998, 3 days less than 1 year after me,

her name is Heather, Isn't she beautiful? We just came back from the beach



It is May 31st 2005 I just passed into the 3rd grade on the "A" honor roll

I'm in the middle with my mom and sister on my sides

I was due on April 10 but I decided to come early!


Here is my little brother


This is my mom's new truck


Ohhh, and how can I forget...... My friend Mickey!! I know you must know him, he is very famous.

My Big sister is 15

Her name is Kerry.

My Dad, We won't say how old he is?

And why is he pulling my toe?

What did I do? I'm telling Mickey, where is he anyway?

Mickey, Come here and get dad, Mickey!!!!!!       My Mom, I mean My Nini

My Little brother again


Heres my sister watching our brother?


Heres my brother tanning




Can you believe the doctor asked my mom, Does Lydia get excited when she see's the nini??

Whatta you think? MMMMMuuumm good!!


Here I am today Sept 2007                     Here’s me and my sister



                                                                     My Dad at the Grand Canyon                    While we are chillin at the beach




We  just got new bikes!!! Are we happy or what?                                      Our Cousin thought it was his bike!! LOL!!






                                             I have 3 doggies, their names are Angel, Babe and Boy.                    My Kitten named Wee Kitty


Babe is Boy's Mom, I'll put their picture's on here when

dad gets them scanned in.


Hope you liked my page, Tell me what you think.


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